Claudia Krämer was born in the summer of 1970 as the second deaf child of deaf parents. Thus, as her first language she acquired German Sign Language.

After having finished the School for Deaf Children in Neuwied/Germany she became a structural draftswoman by profession. She has by now been working as a building draftswoman at the forestry administration in Koblenz.


After having been hurt in a soccer match she started to look for other hobbies and finally discovered her interest in the arts. In 1997, her deaf friend „MM“ Martin Mertz, who is a painter and Sign Language poet, made Claudia create her first own paintings.

Nowadays, Claudia has found her own style in painting: the Romantic Art style! Her paintings show mythic themes and express warmth and love. Using her experience of being deaf, Claudia tries to reach to people and to open them to the world of feelings which, to her, represent a central experience in human life.

The colours of her paintings are decent and warm, showing motives either of nature in general or of the Ancient and Romantic age. Thus, they mediate a relaxing atmosphere to the onlooker. Those motives and themes represented in angels, roses or abstract figures are all very close to the artist and make it possible to her to express her own inner world.


Claudia’s main aim in painting is to express authenticity and to make feelings visible that usually are unexpressable. Claudia's paintings are made in acryl, oil and mixtures of both.


The artist had exhibitions in Essen, Pforzheim, Karlsruhe, Walsrode, Recklinghausen, Mainz, München, Frankfurt, Frankenthal, Koblenz, Berlin a.s.o within the last years that made her become more and more famous.

Two of the most prominent visitors of her exhibitions have been the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Erwin Teufel, and the Prime Minster of Rheinland-Pfalz, Kurt Beck who both showed themselves very impressed by the works of Claudia Krämer and even bought a painting hanging now on the wall of his office in Mainz. The artist was personally invited to the handing over of the painting. Moreover, the well-known and successful former ice-skater Tanja Szweczenko attended one of Claudias’ exhibitions, and showed herself rather impressed by the rose pictures.


One of Claudia’s next aims is to move to a bigger personal studio which will enable her to publish books to her paintings as well.


Except of her interest in the arts, Claudia Krämer, in her free time, has been working as a course teacher of German Sign Language (DGS) for several years. In these courses, she tries not only to teach the participants basic skills in her native language (which has lately been given the same status as oral languages by law) but also to make them sensitive to the culture of the deaf community.


One of Claudia’s convictions is, that producing cultural works is one way to strenghten people’s selfesteem. Showing other people that being deaf is more than being handicaped and making them understand that Sign Languages are not a collection of weird signs but  natural and very aesthetic languages, represents a fulfilling and challenging task to the artist.



How should I win it,
Your confidence --
as a sign of `take it
- the pink rose
as a symbol





As pressure version


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